Grand Entrance – Whether it’s simply announcing your arrival, or a lengthy description of how you know each of your wedding party, it adds a nice touch!

Bridal Toasts – Typically made once dinner is closing.  Whether it’s a traditional Best Man & Maid of Honor duo,  or if you’re welcome to others adding in, this is a great moment!

Cake Cutting – Don’t let the photographers push you around and make you do it early!  Your cutting of the wedding cake happens only once.  Wait until the time is appropriate so your guests can also enjoy the event.

First Dance – The main event of your night! Make it memorable!

Wedding Party Dance – This is a song going out from you to your wedding party. Many couples also have their parents and ushers join in.

Father / Daughter Dance – The traditional dance for the bride to share with her daddy.

Mother / Son Dance – Same idea of Father/Daughter, only it’s the groom and his mom.

Last Dance – Unless you’re too tired to enjoy it, some couples like to go out with a bang, while others prefer to fade into a romantic bliss…

Dollar Dance – Expect a dollar dance to last anywhere from 20-40 minutes. This is a time to talk one-on-one with your guests and profit off it! Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes!

Bouquet Toss – The traditional event where all the single ladies vie to catch that bouquet for luck at becoming the next bride.

Garter Removal – Keep it clean by using your hands, or go ahead and use those teeth; either way have fun with it!

Garter Auction – Here’s a chance to make some extra cash… Instead of throwing the garter after it’s taken off, put it up for auction!

Anniversary Countdown – Every married couple is invited to the dance floor for a slow song.  As the song progresses, years of marriage are called out; with the newer-weds leaving the floor early, and the marriage vetrans left until there is only one couple remaining.  The last couple is asked to give the Bride & Groom advice they may have on how to make their new marriage last as long as they have.

Kid’s Dance – For a reception with a lot of children, this is a 7-minute can’t-miss!  With songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”,  “Ring Around The Rosy”, and “London Bridge”, the kids feel a part of the night, while you get a great Kodak moment!

I Knew The Bride – A crowd favorite! The bride dances in the middle of a circle with whoever has the hat at the time. Once the guest dances for a short time, they pass the hat to a different guest, and so on…

I’m Too Sexy – The groom’s version of I Knew The Bride, only with no rules, and only the ladies in the circle. This one’s not for everyone!

Chicken Dance – A wedding tradition for as long as I know of!  Whether you like it or not, many of your guests are looking forward to it!  But, as always, it’s up to you if it’s played!

Hokey Pokey – The dance that anyone can do from age 3 to 93.  What if this dance really is “what it’s all about”?

Chest / Calf Check – A fun break from the dancing to see if the Bride and Groom can pick each other out of a line-up, blindfolded!

The Dating Game – While sitting in chairs back-to-back and each holding a shoe of each of theirs to use to raise to vote, we find out the answers to such questions such as “Who initiated the first kiss?”

Electric Slide – This traditional dance revolutionized in 1990 with it’s modern day version.  The steps can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, and instructional is available by request!

Cha-Cha Slide – Released in 2000, it has taken the place of the Electric Slide as the most requested wedding line dance.  If you don’t know it, don’t worry!  The steps are all called out throughtout the song.

Bunny Hop – Right foot right foot, left foot left, jump up, jump back, and you hop-hop-hop!  Done in a line stringing around the dance floor!

Locomotion – Known as the “Train” dance with all the dancers joined in a line.  Also can be done with “Hot Hot Hot”, “Jump In The Line”, or anything else you’d like to try!

The Stroll – A line dance from a while back…  1954 to be exact!  It may be a crowd favorite, depending on who remembers the moves.

New York, New York – A fun little tune in which dancers join arms around each other’s shoulders and perform those infamous leg kicks that seem to bring us all together.

Virginia Reel – Remember 5th grade gym class when they made you square dance?  Turns out it’s actually fun!  With every step called out in this song, it’s a blast for any level dancer!

Macarena – You may have forgotten the steps, but you remember the song!  Don’t worry, as soon as it comes on, it’ll all come back to you!

Follow The Leader – It’s probably not what you think…  This song was a world chart-topper in 1999 with some fun dance moves to it!  Easy to follow with a modern beat.

The Pizza Dance – For a crowd eager to learn a new line dance, The Pizza Dance follows the easy-to-learn format, much like the Macarena.

Limbo – Bamboo limbo set available by request!  See who can go the lowest!

Y.M.C.A. – With the groom selecting his wildest 4 buddies to join him leading this song, each wearing the appropriate hat, it’s a sure hit!

Hand Jive – Remember the moves from “Grease”?

Twist Contest – With the “Big Bopper” leading the way, who can Twist the best?

Around The World – A fun battle-of-the-sexes, this one involves creativity, skill, and two hula-hoops!  Available by request!

Sno-Ball – A great singles mixer, it involves a slow dance starting with one couple, and then branching out until everyone is involved.

Soul Train – A line of guys facing a line of girls, with the leading couple dancing their way down the aisle, followed by the next duo, and so forth…

Dance Contest – Remember those from Jr. High?  A particular style of song is played (swing, break dance, etc.) and crowd reaction declares the winner!

Musical Chairs – Just how it was back when you were young, only more fun after a couple of beers!

Twister – That old game is still around!  The playing area can be enlarged for bigger groups.  Available by request.

Many more ideas available!  Just ask…

Bride & Groom First Dance:
A Moment Like This – KELLY CLARKSON
All My Life – K-CI & JOJO
Beautiful In My Eyes – JOSHUA KADISON
Could I Have This Dance – ANNE MURRAY
Faithfully – JOURNEY
For My Wedding – DON HENLEY
Give Me Forever, I Do – JOHN TESH
Groovy Kind Of Love – PHIL COLLINS
I Cross My Heart – GEORGE STRAIT
I Do (Cherish You) – 98 DEGREES or MARK WILLS
I Honestly Love You – OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN
I Wanna Grow Old With You – ADAM SANDLER
I Will Always Love You – WHITNEY HOUSTON
It’s Your Love – TIM McGRAW & FAITH HILL
Keeper Of The Stars – TRACY BYRD
Love Of A Lifetime – FIREHOUSE
My Best Friend – TIM McGRAW
Power Of Love – CELINE DION
True Companion – MARK COHEN
When A Man Loves A Woman – MICHAEL BOLTON
When I Said I Do – CLINT BLACK
Will You Marry Me – ALABAMA
You Are So Beautiful – JOE COCKER
You’re Still The One – SHANIA TWAIN
Your Love Amazes Me – JOHN BERRY

Wedding Party Dance:
Angels Among Us – ALABAMA
Because You Loved Me – CELINE DION
Change The World – ERIC CLAPTON
Colour My World – CHICAGO
I’ll Stand By You – PRETENDERS
Moondance – VAN MORRISON
Someone Like You – VAN MORRISON
Stand By Me – BEN E. KING
Taking You Home – DON HENLEY
Time Of Your Life – GREEN DAY
Unforgettable – NAT & NATALIE COLE
Way You Look Tonight – FRANK SINATRA
What A Wonderful World – LOUIS ARMSTRONG
Who Let The Dogs Out – BAHA MEN
Wind Beneath My Wings – BETTE MIDLER
Wonderful Tonight – ERIC CLAPTON

Father/Daughter Dance:
*note: many of the “Wedding Party Dance” songs would be applicable for the “Father/Daughter”
A Song For My Daughter – RAY ALLAIRE
Butterfly Kisses – BOB CARLISLE
Daddy’s Hands – HOLLY DUNN
Daddy’s Little Girl – AL MARTINO
Daddy’s Little Girl & Butterfly Kisses – FAITH HILL & TIM McGRAW
Daddy’s Little Girl – KIPPI BRANNON
Daddy’s Little Girl – MILLS BROTHERS
Father And Daughter – PAUL SIMON

I Loved Her First – HEARTLAND

My Little Girl – TIM McGRAW

Mother/Son Dance:
*note: many of the “Wedding Party Dance” songs would be applicable for the “Mother/Son”

A Song For Mama – BOYZ II MEN
First Lady In My Life – PAUL TODD
It’s Your Song – GARTH BROOKS